Priority Valve

Material: Aluminum / Bronze Hard Anodized
Max Rating: 7000 psi
Flow Rating: Max 75 SCFM
Size: 1/4" NPT-Female Inlet (SS)
(3 outlet ports)

A priority valve is used on the outlet of a high pressure filter tower. The purpose of this valve is to maintain a certain pressure level inside the tower at all times regardless of what the downstream fill pressure might be. Also known as a “Pressure Maintaining Valve” the VL-530141-TG is factory set at about 2000 psi but can be adjusted if necessary.


By maintaining a constant pressure of at least 2000 psi, the efficiency of the filter media inside the tower is increased as much as 400%. Having a properly set and functioning priority valve is critical to effectiveness of any high pressure purification system.

Price: $122.00

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