Hyper Purifier - 18,000 c.f

Application: Oxygen Compatible Air, Blending Air, Laboratory Air
Max Flow: 9 SCFM
Cartridge: X96337
Capacity: 18,000 c.f.
Dimensions: 11" W x 38" H x 5" D
Construction: Aluminum / Bronze Hard Anodized
Working Pressure: 2000 - 5000 psi
Safety Factor: 4:1 Cycle Life: 15,000
Connection Type: 1/4" female NPT inlet/outlet.
Full 1 year warranty

A Hyper Pure filter tower is used as a secondary and final stage of filtration for insuring oxygen compatible air standards every time. The HF-961-111-F is your final line of defense against the hazards of mixing high pressure oxygen with air that may contain high levels of hydrocarbons from an oil lubricated compressor.

The Hyperpure system includes: Inlet Valve, Check Valve, Relief Valve, Priority Valve, Drain Valve and Pressure Gauge, High Efficiency Micron Filter. The air flow rate from the tower is restricted to 9 SCFM to maintain O.C.A. standards.

Price: $1.00

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