Auto Condensate Drain Kit

3 Drain Kit ( 230 vac )
Includes: 3 drain block assemblies with backup manual bleeders, timer solenoid 230 vac, plumbing, and instructions.
Lead time is 2 days from order date.

This system facilitates auto draining of condensate separators (5000 psi maximum). A three drain system would be required for a four stage compressor. The first two drains would connect to the 2nd & 3rd stage water separators. The third drain would connect to the final stage separator. The NP-0022-0882AK includes the timer, solenoid and plumbing. The timer can be plugged directly into an outlet or wired into the compressor control system.

Recommended: Optional silencer / collector kit ( NP-2222-0565AK ) Economy versions of the muffler are also available. Call us for details.This auto drain block can be used on Bauer K12, K14 and K15 compressors. It can also be fitted to any four stage Coltri compressor such as the MCH-30 or MCH 36. These auto drain systems can be fitted to virtually any four stage, high pressure compressor system.

Price: $1.00

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