Air Filter - Breathing Air

Fits: FC-3007-SS, Jordair
Typical Application: Breathing Air (Grade E)
Removes: H2O, CO, CO2, Hydrocarbons, Oil, Taste & Odor, Particles
Contents: 13x, Blend, Activated Carbon, Hopcalite
Dimensions: 2.75" OD x 27" L
Micron: 20u particles
Performance Rating: BR4

This breathing air filter can be used in FC-3007-SS Jordair Compressor filter tower systems. The X56797 Lawrence Factor X-Pendable cartridge incorporates a Life Band strip that allows the user to monitor the filter usage through the clear shell. It includes an added layer of media to remove carbon dioxide.

Includes three stages of media including a desiccant, carbon and hopcalite layer. The 13x desiccant blend is a mid grade dryer that removes both H2O and hydrocarbons. The activated carbon will remove odors and taste. The Hopcalite layer acts as a catalyst to change any carbon monoxide in the air stream into carbon dioxide. The final desiccant layer will then remove resulting carbon dioxide.

Price: $66.00

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