Air Filter - Breathing Air

Fits: LF-1003, Coltri Sub, Max Air, Nautica
Typical Application: Breathing Air (Grade D)
Removes: H2O, CO, Hydrocarbons, Oil, Taste & Odor, Particles
Contents: 13x, Activated Carbon, Hopcalite
Dimensions: 1.75" OD x 7" L
Micron Rating: 20u particles
Performance Rating: BR5

This breathing air filter can be used in Coltri Sub, Max Air and Nautica compressor filter tower systems. The X30249 Lawrence Factor X-Pendable cartridge incorporate a Life Band strip that allows the user to monitor the filter usage through the clear shell.

Includes three stages of media including a desiccant, carbon and hopcalite layer. The 13x desiccant is a high grade dryer that removes both H2O and hydrocarbons. The activated carbon will remove odors and taste. The Hopcalite layer acts as a catalyst to change any carbon monoxide in the air stream into carbon dioxide.

Price: $49.00

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