Air Filter - Drying Gas

Fits: Bristol Pneumatic
Typical Application: Drying Gas
Removes: H2O, Hydrocarbons, Oil
Contents: 13x
Dimensions: 1.75" OD x 13.5" L
Micron Rating: 20u particles
Performance Rating: DR5

This drying air filter can be used in Bristol Pneumatics filter tower systems. When used in dual tower system for breathing air the X196714 is the primary dryer filter. You can use the Lawrence Factor X192414 cartridge as the secondary filter which will provide breathing air quality.

This filter is comprised of a high grade desiccant media. The 13x desiccant is a high efficiency dryer that removes both H2O and hydrocarbons. This Lawrence Factor X-Pendable cartridge incorporate a Life Band strip that allows the user to monitor the filter usage through the clear shell.

Price: $44.00

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