Coalescor Kit

Fits: Coalescor Hop-up Kit , Coltri MCH 13-16
Removes: Moisture & Oil
Contents: Bronze
Dimensions: N/A
Micron Rating: 10 Micron

This coalescor kit can be used on Coltri MCH 13-16 compressor systems using the X302414, X306714, SC000440-M or SC000440-MHC filter. This will replace the existing filter cartridge to create a secondary means of mechanical water separation before the air enters a final purification cartridge.  The FC-30KIT-SB  is highly effective at removing moisture from the air stream.

By adding the coalescor kit to your system you are essentially converting your current filter tower from a cartridge system to a water separator. You will need to add an additional filter cartridge tower to the system for final air purification. The benefit of adding a coalescor to your system is increased life-span of your final filter cartridge. By increasing the efficiency of the mechanical water separation you reduce the work load on the final filter.

Price: $103.00

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