Cartridge Holder - 13,000 c.f.

Application: Breathing Air, Drying Gas, Odor & Gas Sweetening
Max Flow: 60 SCFM
Cartridge: X10 Series - Customer specify
Capacity: 13,000 c.f.
Dimensions: 3.75" W x 24" H
Construction: Aluminum / Black Hard Anodized
Working Pressure: 2000 - 5000 psi
Safety Factor: 4:1  Cycle Life: 15,000
Included: One cartridge, parts list & decal.
Connection Type: 1/4" female NPT inlet/outlet.
Full 1 year warranty

Additional parts (not included) required for safe operation: Check Valve, Relief Valve, Priority Valve, Drain Valve and Pressure Gauge. Coalesor filter or mechanical water separator must be installed in line prior to the PU-530002-AF purifier.

Custom filter tower configurations are available. Please contact us with your system and space requirements and we will be happy to develop a purifier arrangement to fit you needs.

Price: $868.00

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