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Compressor Oil & Filtration Media

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We offer a full selection of synthetic and food grade compressor oils designed specifically for use in high pressure breathing air compressor systems. Seco Lube 500 is our most popular synthetic oil that can be used in Bauer, Mako and other popular compressors. For harsh operating environments where high operating temperatures are present, Seco Lube 800 is a premium choice. Scuba diving operators processing Nitrox through their compressor will often choose Seco Lube 200 which is a food grade synthetic oil. If your not sure about the type of oil you should use in your system, give us a call and we can provide recommendations based on your compressor make and model.

Many dive operators choose to repack their air filter cartridges themselves. If you are looking for top grade filtration media for your re-packable cartridges you have come to the right place. Lawrence Factor purity masters have some of the finest and most powerful purification agents available for compressed air & gas systems. Choose from our full range of desiccants, catalysts, carbons and filter pads each formulated to perform at the heights of pressure under the toughest conditions. Lawrence Factor is one of the most respected names in high psi purified air & gas. You deserve nothing less when it comes to the safety and integrity of your breathing air system.