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High Pressure Purification Appliances

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Every Lawrence Factor appliance works on the simple concept of pushing your gas through a series of filter cartridges housed within vessels rated for your working pressure. The condition of the resulting gas is precisely controlled through configuration and selection of cartridges. When the gas quality begins to diminish the cartridges are replaced with fresh ones.

Appliances break down into two main categories. The first is the Mechanical Cartridge Holder which is used for condensable removal. These systems utilize X-tractor Coalescor filters to squeeze water and oil from the gas stream. This fluid is then periodically drained from the tower via an Automatic Condensate Drain or manual purge valve. The coalescor filters are generally comprised of a sintered brass material which allows gas to flow through while creating a barrier against large fluid droplets.

The second category is the Adsorbent Cartridge Holder which is used for gaseous contaminants and particles. These systems utilize X-pendable filter cartridges to adsorb the impurities within the cartridge. Once the filter reaches its saturation point the cartridge can be easily removed from the system and replaced. These adsorbent cartridges can remove water vapor, hydrocarbons, solvents, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. This is accomplished using various adsorbents, desiccants, and catalysts formulated to the exacting specification of your gas purity needs.

These filter towers come with a one year warranty and are built to serve critically pure needs and at pressures up to 15,000psi. The towers are constructed of aerospace grade metals and coated with veneers of protective plating. Add on stainless steel connector fittings and fasteners and you have a filter appliance that is impervious to nature’s meanest elements.

Included with each system: parts list, decal with cartridge number, one cartridge (customer must specify application), and one full year warranty and lifetime warranty against corrosion of the cartridge holder.