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Air Testing From X-Zam Labs

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With X-zam Labs, collecting a specimen is easy! You can do it your self using our patented sampling kit, which is loaned to you at no charge. Trapping the the gas sample couldn’t be simpler because our kit acts just like the cylinders you’re already accustomed to filling. There are no complicated vials or gadgets. Tests can be conducted on a one time basis or you may enroll in one of our sampling programs where test kits will be automatically sent out to you when a semi-annual or quarterly test is needed.

After your sample is collected and shipped back to our lab, the specimen is carefully analyzed using precision methodology to search out even the smallest traces of undesirable contaminants. The last step in the process is the final report and test certificate which can be emailed or mailed to your location.

With X-zam Labs you’ll have the confidence and security in knowing that your air/gas system is being monitored by a team of experts. We will help you every step of the way..

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