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X-pendable and X-tractor Filters

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The coalescing filter system on a high pressure compressor handles the majority of the workload in purifying the gas stream. In a properly configured system as much as 99.9% of airborne water, oil droplets and vapor can be removed by utilizing Lawrence Factor X-tractor filters. After the compressor system condenses water and oil droplets these contaminates are manually or automatically purged from the gas stream. This mechanical drain system is the heart of your breathing air filtration. In addition to coalescing filters X-tractor are used at the air intake of the compressor to remove airborne particles as tiny as 5 microns.

After filtering through the air intake and coalescing system the final stage of your filtration is the adsorbent cartridge. Although this stage of filtration handles the minority of the contaminant quantity by comparison, it is no less important in terms of final gas purity. It is only through adsorbent media that high pressure air from an oil lubricated compressor can purified to various breathing air and laboratory air purity standards. This is where Lawrence Factor X-pendable filter cartridges come in to play.  U.S. Defense Department tested, X-pendables are recognized worldwide as the premier replaceable filter cartridge. Precision engineered and charged with laboratory formulated purifying media, X- pendables are designed for optimum contaminant removal.

Outside is a rugged transparent shell with electronically welded seams. Because it’s transparent, you can use your X-pendable filter cartridge to easily watch the performance of your compressed air/gas system by observing unusual accumulations of sediment or moisture in the cartridge. As an additional aid, many cartridges include a LifebandTM that changes color to alert you when your X-pendable has exceeded its useful life. Unlike metal filters, an X-pendable will never rust or corrode. Plus, with our special welding process, an X-pendable’s seam won’t split.