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Filter Techs is an authorized dealer of Lawrence Factor X-pendable cartridges, X-tractor air purification products and Lawrence Factor New Parts. Buying filter cartridges and replacement parts direct from the compressor manufacturer comes with a premium price tag. Lawrence Factor delivers premium quality replacement cartridges and parts that meet or exceed the performance of the OEM and does so at a lower cost to you. At Filter Techs we take the savings even further with discounts up to 20% off on quantity purchases!

With over 35 years experience in the breathing air industry Lawrence Factor has the knowledge, track record and expertise you have come to trust. We can provide HI-PSI replacement compressors parts to cover all your repair and maintenance needs. Specializing in breathing air equipment for SCUBA diving and SCBA applications, Filter Techs offers online shopping for replacement air filter cartridges, filter towers,  compressor oil, filtration media, and air testing certification. We also provide compressor parts for many major air compressor brands! From intake to fill whip all of your maintenance needs can be found and purchased through our safe and secure online store.

Lawrence Factor Intake to Fill Whip

Lawrence Factor Intake to Fill Whip

  • Bauer Compressor
  • Mako Compressor
  • Comp Air
  • Coltri Sub
  • Max Air
  • Nuvair
  • Jordair Compressor
  • Deltech / Del-Monox
  • American Bristol
  • Bristol Pneumatics
  • Innerspace Research
  • Eagle Compressors
  • Ingersol Rand
  • Aero Dri / Keco / Gannon
  • Aero Sub
  • Alkin Compressor
  • Allied Air Product
  • Alta Robbins
  • Air Dry
  • L and W
  • Schifauer & Pek
  • Midland Diving Equipment

Aftermarket Use: X-pendable filter cartridges, New Parts compressor parts, and many other items depicted on this site are intended and sold for aftermarket use only. Part numbers, graphics, photos, trade names and corresponding printed matter are not to imply that any items on the website are original brand products. Although we believe the quality of the items listed equals or exceeds the performance of the original brand, none of them are manufactured for/by or associated with the original manufacturer. Lawrence Factor nor Filter Techs in no way represents itself or its products to be related to the OEM or their brands.